At Schwartz Off Road Motorsportz a sponsorship is so much more than a logo on the side of the SxS. We work with each business to create a unique marketing opportunity that fits their needs and targeted audience. Some of the ways we have helped our sponsors gain a desired ROI on their sponsorship are:

  • Post/share promotional social media posts. Posts can be targeted at a particular audience. More details on our social media pages can be found below.

  • Product placement within open pits. Who goes to the races and doesn’t walk through the free open pits? Product demonstrations, placement, and promotional literature are great ways to promote a product to an audience at the track. Parades are great opportunities to hand out branded material to fans.

  • Brand awareness within pit. Logos on team canopies, canopy walls, team pit shirts, and trailer.

  • Brand and product endorsement through social media posts and online articles.

  • Team and vehicle appearances for local events and promotion.

Facebook Stats:

  • Followers: 4,597 likes
  • Weekly posts
  • Giveaways at track
  • Sponsor “shout outs” and content sharing
  • Created December 2016

Instagram Stats:

  • Followers: 342
  • Weekly posts
  • Professional Pictures by photographer
  • Created July 2018

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